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V&SAR Joint Stock Wooden Sleeping Car

31.3.1986 Torrens car North Williamstown Museum Interior of Joint Stock Sleeping car smoking saloon, circa 1917

Adelaide -- Torrens

V&SAR Joint stock wooden sleeping car Torrens was built at the Victorian Railways Newport Workshops for use on "The Overland". It was originally called Adelaide, but its name was changed to Torrens in 1910.

See also V&SAR sleeping cars: Acheron, Angas, Baderloo, Barwon, Coliban, Dargo, Finniss, Glenelg, Inman, Loddon, Onkaparinga, Pekina, Tambo.

17.10.1907Entered service named Adelaide.
30.9.1910Renamed Torrens.
6.1936Automatic couplers fitted.
-South Australian Railways equity brought by Victorian Railways.
9.1967Last run on the "Train of Knowledge".
16.10.1967Withdrawn and condemned.
-Transferred to ARHS Museum North Williamstown, Victoria.