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V&SAR Joint Stock Wooden Sleeping Car

Sleeping Car Onkaparinga sleeping compartment as built, circa 1911 Sleeping Car Onkaparinga from the smoking saloon looking down corridor as built, circa 1911


V&SAR Joint stock wooden sleeping car Onkaparinga was built at the Victorian Railways Newport Workshops for use on The Overland.

See also V&SAR sleeping cars: Acheron, Angas, Baderloo, Barwon, Coliban, Dargo, Finniss, Glenelg, Inman, Loddon, Pekina, Tambo, Torrens.

16.6.1911Entered service.
4.1924Electric lighting fitted.
6.1936Automatic couplers fitted.
-Steel protection panels affixed over the original Tongue and Groove timber exterior.
-Sold to Marbury School Aldgate, with bogies.
6.10.1988Donated to the Port Dock Station Railway Museum.