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V&SAR Joint Stock Steel Sleeping Car

Joint Stock Roomette Compartment Sleeping Car Allambi Tantini 16.3.1997 Keswick - Overland - Tantini lettering

Tantini No.2 -- JRB 2 -- ADFY 5

V&SAR Joint Stock corten steel roomette sleeping car Tantini was built at the South Australian Railways Islington Workshops as a replacement vehicle for an existing V&SAR Joint Stock of the same name.

See also V&SAR sleeping cars: Allambi, Chalaki, Dorai, Juki, Kuldalai, Malkari, Mokai, Mururi, Nankuri, Nomuldi, Paiti, Purpawi, Tarkinji, Tawarri, Tantini No.1, Weroni, Yankai, Yanni.

7.8.1972Entered service as a replacement for the original car of the same name. [rrc]
10.12.1986TIMS/WMS: passenger car "TANT  G" alteration complete: "remove retaining cup & glass clips and plate pegs from cupboards in conductor"s compartment. "overland" joint stock cars. (RS4172)".
17.12.1986TIMS/WMS: passenger car "TANT  G" alteration complete: "apply check letter to class & number of approximately 443 locomotives, passenger cars and rail cars. Classify Overland sleeping cars. (RS4173)".
1987Given the computer code "JRB-2".
19.03.1987TIMS/WMS: passenger car "TANT  G" alteration complete: "installation of emergency key boxes to passenger cars. (RS4190)".
20.08.1987TIMS/WMS: passenger car "TANT  G" alteration: "modify buffer beam on carbon and stainless steel passenger cars. (RS4215)".
26.08.1987TIMS/WMS: passenger car "TANT  G" alteration: "modify air conditioning intake filters and frames (primary and secondary) on stainless steel and carbon steel passenger cars. (RS4213)".
19.11.1987TIMS/WMS: passenger car "TANT  G" alteration complete: "delete all exterior "V & ANR" lettering from overland rollingstock. All Overland rollingstock. (RS4241)".
26.11.1987Reclassified from passenger car "TANT  G" to passenger car "JRB 2 B".
21.06.1990TIMS/WMS: passenger car "JRB 2 B" alteration: "fit longer pin in passenger car jumper cable plugs. All passenger cars. (RS4518)".
28.05.1991TIMS/WMS: passenger car "JRB 2 B" alteration: "replace existing exhaust chokes on 132 no. "Ghan" "Trans-Australian" "Overland", "SS" & "SSA" cars to improve train handling. All std cars to be fitted with exhaust chokes to wh p/no. 2483 & the 3 no. relay braked cars are to be fitted with wh p/no. c-12740 exhaust chokes . this modification will increase brake cylinder exhaust timings from 6-9 secs to 26-28 secs. (RS4603)".
30.5.1997TIMS/WMS: shows passenger car "JRB 2 B" in AN "Mainland Division".
Owner:"AN &V/LINE"
Length Over Headstocks:"22.9m"
Tare Weight:"47tonne"
Current Gauge:"Standard"
Gauge Restrictions:"S"
Bogie Configuration:"2X2"
Original Cost:"$93830"
Run Restriction:"Unrestricted on gauge(s) shown Inter or Intrastate"
Diagram Book Page No.:"CB P-1"
Date Built:"07.08.1972"
Operating System:"AN & V/LINE "
Intended Use:"Passengers"
Remarks:"Roomette;J.S. AN-V/L;Named "TANTINI"
28.2.1996Converted from broad gauge to standard gauge.
1.11.1997Sold to Great Southern Railway.
16.3.1999At Keswick painted grey, no lettering yet applied to car.
22.3.1999At Keswick fitted with new style "Overland" logos.
2002-03Sold to a third party and "Leased Back" by Great Southern Railway [Serco Group Report].
-Converted to crew car for "GWA" - coded "ADFY 5" [sh].