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V&SAR Joint Stock Steel Sleeping Car

Joint Stock Roomette Compartment Sleeping Car 9.10.2010,SJ282 Newport

Tantini No.1 -- Sleeping Car 12 -- SJ 282

V&SAR Joint Stock corten steel roomette sleeping car Tantini was built at the South Australian Railways Islington Workshops for use on "The Overland".

This vehicle was sold to the Victorian Railways in 1972 when a replacement vehicle was constructed and given the same name.

See also V&SAR sleeping cars: Allambi, Chalaki, Dorai, Juki, Kuldalai, Malkari, Mokai, Mururi, Nankuri, Nomuldi, Paiti, Purpawi, Tarkinji, Tawarri, Tantini No.2, Weroni, Yankai, Yanni.

6.3.1950Entered service as car Tantini.
6.10.1970Converted from independant to head-end power.
26.6.1972As a replacement car had been built, this vehicle was sold to Victorian Railways.
29.6.1972Sent to Newport Workshops to be repainted Blue recoded sleeper No. 12. [sar 596/69]
1.8.1972Returned to service on the "The Overland", ex Melbourne to Adelaide, due to an Airway strike from 31.7.1972 to 3.8.1972. [sar 596/69]
2.8.1972Returned to Melbourne. [sar 596/69]
1.8.1972Painted Blue for use on the new "Vinelander" service.
-Recoded "SJ 282".
-Repainted V/LINE orange.
1993Placed into storage at Newport Workshops
2010Allocated to "Steamrail Victoria".