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Broad Gauge N-class 4-6-0 locomotives

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The N class were imported from the United States of America for working South Australian Railways broad gauge passenger trains. When issued to service they were allocated to passenger and mixed train working between Adelaide and Kapunda. In 1904 both locomotives were rebuilt at Islington, which completely changed their appearance from the classic American design of the time to a more conventional British outline. New bogie tenders were also built. After conversion, a primary duty was hauling livestock trains between Terowie and Adelaide, until withdrawn from service in the mid 20's.

Builder:Baldwin Loco Works - Philadelphia, U.S.A.S.A.R. Islington Works
Number in Class:22
Wheel Arrangement:4-6-0 (2′C 2′2′)4-6-0 (2′C 2′2′)
Driving Wheel Diameter:5 ft. 0 in.5 ft. 0 in.
-Position on frame:OutsideOutside
-Diameter x stroke:19 in. x 24 in.19 in. x 24 in.
Heating Surface:Tubes:1,190 square feet1,480 square feet
-Firebox:113 square feet121 square feet
-Grate Area:19 square feet19 square feet
Boiler Pressure:130 lbs p.s.i.175 lbs p.s.i.
Tractive Effort:15,950 lbs21,420 lbs
Coal Capacity:5 tons 6 cwt5 tons
Water Capacity:3,000 gallons4,000 gallons
Weight in Working Order:83 tons 5 cwt93 tons 7 cwt
Maximum Axle Load:12 tons 5 cwt12 tons 14 cwt
Overall Length52 ft. 10 in.57 ft. 8 5/8 in.
loco N52 as rebuilt loco N52 as rebuilt

N 52

"Baldwin Loco Works" built 4-6-0 type broad gauge steam locomotive.

10.3.1881Entered service as "N 52". Built by Baldwin Loco Works, builders No.5238. Arrived 1.1881 ex ship "John Lachlan". [nrm]
4.7.1904Rebuilt [nrm]
8.1925Condemned [nrm]
loco N53 as built Port Adelaide - loco N53 as rebuilt

N 53

"Baldwin Loco Works" built 4-6-0 type broad gauge steam locomotive.

25.3.1881Entered service as "N 53". Built by Baldwin Loco Works, builders No.5241. Arrived 1.1881 ex ship "John Lachlan". [nrm]
18.6.1904Rebuilt [nrm]
1927Condemned [nrm]
18.6.1928Cut up [nrm]