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Broad Gauge I-class 0-4-0 tank locomotive

I 38/48

This is the first locomotive to have the I class classification (see I161 for second I class). It was originally built in 1873 for the Canterbury Provincial Railway of New Zealand to work the broad gauge Christchurch to Lyttleton Railway, it was allocated the road No. 9 on the New Zealand system. Following purchased by the South Australian Railways in May 1878, it was loaded onto the ship "Hyderabad" for the journey to Port Adelaide, but the vessel was wrecked off New Zealand. The locomotive was eventually salvaged and sent on to Port Adelaide, finally entering South Australian service in 1879 with the road number 38 which was later changed to 48, but it was not given a classification until 1887/1888, when it was classified as I class. It was set to work at Morgan, where it shunted the station yard and wharf area.

Builder:Neilson & Co. - Glasgow, Scotland
Number in Class:1
Wheel Arrangement:0-4-0 Tank (B T)
Driving Wheel Diameter:2 ft. 11 in.
-Position on frame:Outside
-Diameter x stroke:9 in. x 16 in.
Heating Surface:Tubes and Firebox:359 square feet
Boiler Pressure:130 lbs p.s.i.
Tractive Effort:4,091 lbs (3,860 lbs in N.Z.)
Coal Capacity:4 cwt 2 qtr
Water Capacity:160 gallons
Weight in Working Order:12 tons 7 cwt 3 qtr
Maximum Axle Load:6 tons 18 cwt 1 qtr
Overall Length18 ft. 2½ in.

I 38 -- I 48

"Neilson & Co. - Glasgow, Scotland" built 0-4-0 tank type broad gauge steam locomotive.

1873Entered service on Canterbury Provincial Railway, New Zealand, as No.9. Built by Neilson & Co. , builders No.1798. [nrm]
5.1878Purchased by South Australian Railways [nrm]
1878Loaded on ship "Hyderabad", but was wrecked off New Zealand prior to delivery[nrm]
-Salvaged and sent to Port Adelaide [nrm]
15.4.1879Entered service as South Australian Railways "No.38". [nrm]
1880-1881Renumbered "No.48" [nrm]
1887-1888Given the classification of "I" class [nrm]
10.1905Withdrawn [nrm]
5.1906Sold to South Australian Harbour Board [nrm]
-Used in construction of the Outer Harbour Breakwater [nrm]
8.1909Condemned [nrm]