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17<sup>th</sup> March 2007,National Railway Museum - Port Adelaide - <em>Vice Regal</em> car

Vice Regal 4 - (1940 onward)

Entered service in 1940 as first air conditioned car on the South Australian Railways having cost £18,809 to build. It was constructed at Islington workshops as a steel bodied carriage with a timber panelled interior. Features of the car include

Retained by the South Australian Government after the sale of South Australian Railways to the Commonwealth in 1975. Allocated to the State Transport Authority of South Australia.

The car was initally built for the Governor General of Australia and was issued to traffic carrying the coat of arms of the Duke of York (who was expected to have been the next Governor General).

The car was attached to the Overland on a number of occassions.

It was moved the Port Dock Station Railway Museum in 1988.

2.4.1940Entered service.
1957To improve the ride quality, the original fabricated bogies replace by a pair of cast steel bogies
20.1.1974Last time used by a South Australian Governor - return trip from Melbourne with Sir MArk Oliphant
14.3.1974Used in Royal train between Murray Bridge and Adelaide for carrige of the Duke of Edinburgh
12.1973Fitted with transformer and rectifier unit.
1.3.1978Transferred to the State Transport Authority of South Australia
28.7.1988Moved to Port Dock Station Railway Museum.