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Mann Boudoir Sleeping Car -- O 4 -- 117 -- Broughton -- Vice Regal 3 - (1930 to 1940)

Built in 1886 by Mann, USA. Boudoir sleeping car. Originally issued in 1886 as V&SAR Joint stock car "O 4". In march 1908 it became South Australian Railways car "117" and was named "Broughton" in 1911.

It was altered to observation car in 1913 and converted to State (Vice Regal) car No.1 in 1930. Withdrawn in 1940 and sold to "W.Brown and Sons Ltd". It ended its days as a house boat at Goolwa. Eventually it fell into disrepair and was broken up about 1974.

24.12.1886Entered service as V&SAR Joint stock car "O 4".
3.1908To South Australian Railways car "117".
23.2.1911Named "Broughton".
21.4.1913Altered to observation car.
5.4.1930Converted to State (Vice Regal) car No.1.
-Sold to "W.Brown and Sons Ltd".