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25<sup>th</sup> April 1989,Spotswood <em>Taggerty</em> car 25<sup>th</sup> April 1989,Spotswood <em>Taggerty</em> car

AVE 34 -- AE 34 -- Buffet Car 1 -- Taggerty

Air conditioned wooden buffet car used on the Bendigo line. Built as "34 AVE" in 1910. Recoded "34 AE" in 1914. Converted to air conditioned buffet car No. 1 in 1937, and later given the named Taggerty. As Taggerty it had an 18 seat buffet plus 18 first class for use on the Bendigo line.

25<sup>th</sup> April 1989,Spotswood <em>Taggerty</em> car
12.12.1910Entered service as "34 AVE".
1912Damaged by fire at Bairnsdale.
1914Rebuilt and returned to service.
1914Recoded "34 AE".
10.3.1937Converted to air conditioned buffet car No. 1.
1939Given the name Taggerty.
1954Repainted Royal Blue and fitted with Commonwealth bogies.
1963painted blue and gold.
till 1983Ran regularly on the Bendigo line.
1984Placed in storage.
around 1987Purchased by Castlemaine & Maldon Railway and stored at Spotswood Workshops.
1989Stored at Spotswood Depot.
12.1990Sold to Steamrail for $5 (with many items stripped).