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7.4.1987 Port Lincoln Alberga and Coonatto cars 7.4.1987 Port Lincoln workshops Alberga car


South Australian Railways narrow gauge sleeping car. Built at Islington Workshops and issued between Sept and Oct 1915 for use on the Broken Hill Express. Alberga and sister cars Nilpena and Coonatto were the largest and most luxurious carriages on the South Australian Railways narrow gauge. Consisted of 9 compartments with a sleeping capacity of 18. When made up for day use, it would seat about 40. The corridor and smoking saloon were adorned with early photographs.

Sept-Oct 1915Entered service on Peterbrough Division as No.209.
30.8.1923Used on the inaugural Oodnadatta night train (later referred to as The Ghan).
1942-44Used on Ambulance Train No.9.
20.6.1972Transferred from Peterborough to Port Lincoln.
-Whilst at Port Lincoln, the car was altered internally. Two berths were removed from the saloon area. These berths were only separated from the saloon by a curtain. The toilet and conductor's compartment were also removed to make a larger State room. The five compartments remaining at the saloon end had only minor alterations (top bunk removed, different cupboards fitted.) The next compartment has been made a kitchen. The next two are showers. The interior was painted light blue, exterior dark green, gold and black lining.
1991Still in service on Australia Nationals West Coast system.
1996Donated to Pichi Richi Railway.
30.5.1997TIMS/WMS: shows passenger car "ALBE  F" in AN "Eyre Peninsula Division".
Length Over Headstocks:"18.2m"
Tare Weight:"25.3tonne"
Current Gauge:"Narrow"
Gauge Restrictions:"N"
Bogie Configuration:"2X2"
Original Cost:"$6090"
Run Restriction:"Vehicle suitable for use on AN lines only on gauge(s) shown"
Diagram Book Page No.:"CN 22"
Date Built:"20.09.1915"
Operating System:"AN"
Intended Use:"Passengers"