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Standard Gauge F

F 55

Built "Baldwin Coy" USA, in 1885. It originally ran as New South Wales Railways 2-6-0 "K 295" until being purchase in 1915 by the Commonwealth Railways.

Builder:Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, USA
Number in Class:1
Wheel Arrangement:2-6-0
Driving Wheel Diameter:4 ft.
-Position on frame:Outside
-Diameter x stroke:19 in. x 24 in.
Valve Gear:Stephenson
Heating Surface:Tubes:1194 square feet
-Firebox:105 square feet
-Grate Area:17 square feet
Boiler Pressure:140 lbs p.s.i.
Tractive Effort:19,500 lbs
Coal Capacity:6 tons
Water Capacity:2,300 gallons
Weight in Working Order:68 tons 17 cwt 3 qt
Maximum Axle Load:12 tons 17 cwt 1 qt
Overall Length53 ft. 6½ in.

F 55

1885Built "Baldwin Coy" USA, builder No.7388. Entered service 1885 as New South Wales Railways 2-6-0 "K 295".
1915Purchased by the Commonwealth Railways.
6.1915Arrived at Port Augusta and place in service immediately.
6.6.1916Removed from service because of poor condition.
11.1921Officially withdrawn.