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Standard Gauge DR

DR 1

DR class loco 12.1971,Port Augusta - Railcar NDH on temp bogies + loco DR1 + CL5 rear end
Builder:Rushton-Hornsby Ltd, England
Number in Class:1
Wheel Arrangement:B
Cylinders:Number:6 in line
-Bore & stroke:5 3/8 in. x 8 in.
Gear ratio:5.05:1
Tractive EffortStarting:13,600 lbs (1st gear)
Length (over coupling points):25 ft. 0 7/8 in.
Maximum Axle Load:14 tons
Total weight:28 tons
Maximum Speed:20 mph
Hydraulic Transmission:Manufacture:SLM

5.3.1969,Port Augusta - Commonwealth Railways Locomotive DR1 Port Augusta Workshops 5.4.1987 Port Augusta loco DR1

DR 1

1957Built by Rushton-Hornsby Ltd, England for Shell. Used at the Shell refinery at Clyde, NSW.
1964Entered service on Commonwealth Railways.
1975Withdrawn from use.
-Sold to Richmond Vale Railway.