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Following the Army's warning in October 1943, of a 66% increase in traffic, the Directorate of Locomotive and Rollingstock Construction, Land Transport Board, made available to Commonwealth Railways a total of 373 standard 40 foot narrow gauge bogie underframes of a total of 1,000 constructed. Of these, 263 were used for the construction of the following bogie vehicles for the Central Australia Railway. The remaining 100 were sent to the North Australia Railway.

Type of VehicleQuantity
Open goods wagon ("NGc")120
Covered goods wagon ("NVb")41
Louvred wagon ("NLa")20
Flat wagon ("NRf")65
Composite relay van ("NARb")17
Table 1. Vehicles constructed on C.L.T.B. underframes for the C.A.R..

Type of VehicleQuantity
Covered goods vans10
Louvred vans30
Open goods wagons40
Flat wagons24
Table 2. Vehicles constructed on C.L.T.B. underframes for the North Australia Railway.

Bodies for the brakevans, covered goods vans and louvred vans, were constructed and fitted by the South Australian Railways. The open goods wagon bodies, and the floors for the 24 flat wagons, were constructed and fitted by the Commonwealth Railways at their Port Augusta Workshops. The whole of the 110 vehicles erected on Land Transport underframes, were conveyed to Katherine overland.

The following vehicles were constructed in the Commonwealth Railways Workshops during the war period on Australian Land Transport Board standard underframes and bogies

Type of VehicleQuantity
"NHRb" class Composite relay vans (partly constructed by South Australian Railways)13
Employees' vans (2 "NE" class, 2 "NEa" class)4
"NGc" class low-sided open goods wagons, bogie120
"NRf" class flat wagons, bogie.65
Table 3. Vehicles constructed on C.L.T.B underframes by the CR Workshops.