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Refurbished Ghan Cars

Details of the names given to each car during the 1990-91 refurbishment program of the "Legendary Ghan" are given in Table 1.

CDF 227Marree Refreshment Car
DF 231Stuart Restaurant
ARJ 242Brachina Car
ARL 246Tarcoola Car
ARL 248Oodnadatta Car
ARL 250Kulgera Car
AOB 265Oasis Bar
ARJ 282Algebuckina Car
ARM 288Finke River Car
ARL 291Edwards Creek Car
AFC 305Dreamtime Lounge
ARL 309Marla Car
CDF 928Matilda's Restaurant
Table 1. Ghan cars refurbished as part of the 1990-91 program.

In addition to those named, the following cars were externally fitted with the "Legendary Ghan" logos and stripes: AFB 137, BA 147, BA 148, BA 150, BA 151, DD 156, AFB 158, BRG 171, BRG 173, ER 207, AEC 222, BRJ 303, ARL 310, HGM 317, HM 318, ARL 324, BG 368, BG 370 and BG 371.

The Exterior Refurbishment of the Ghan was completed in 1989 when Australian National began the twice weekly winter season of the Ghan. When the Ghan left Keswick terminal on Monday 12.5.1989, all passenger cars were fitted with Ghan logo boards and finished with the Red-Yellow stripping at window level. Unfortunately the lead loco was not fitted with a clasp for the head board. The consist was locomotives GM19, GM2, brakevan HGM 318, crew cars ER 207, BRG 173, sleepers ARJ 242, ARL 248, ARJ 282, ARM 288, lounge AFB 158, Stuart Restaurant car DF 231, lounge AFB 137, sleepers ARL 291, ARL 309, Entertainment car AEC 222, Sitting cars BA 148, BA 150, dinner DD 156, crew sleeper BRG 171, power van HGM 317 and 3 AQMP class motor rail flats wagons.