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W Mobile Theatrette car

OWB 144 at Port Augusta on 19.8.1987

W/OWB 144

Ex Victorian Railways and South Australian Railway Joint stock car "8 AE", built at Newport, Victoria and entered service 24.10.1907. On 22.2.1952 The South Australian Railway purchased the car and recoded it "551", eventually selling it to Commonwealth Railways in 1961.

24.10.1907Entered service as Joint Stock sitting car "8 AE" on the Victorian Railways and South Australian Railway joint stock train, "The Overland".
22.2.1952Purchased by the South Australian Railway and renumbered "551".
1961Sold to the Commonwealth Railways and aparently stored awaiting conversion.
23.8.1963Overhaul of bogies.
25.9.1963Converted to Mobile Theatrette car and classified "W 144".
14.5.1970Repairs and repainted interior.
8.8.1975Repairs, galv iron fitted on windows saloon end and new canvas roof saloon end.
24.2.1977Interior repairs, renew fridge and gas stove, interior repaint.
1.2.1985Recoded "OWB".
5.4.1987Stored in the Port Augusta yard.
16.10.1987Recommended for write off.
30.1.1988Tenders called for disposal. Sold to Ghan Preservation Society for $750.
11.7.1990Stored at Port Pirie.