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NRCA Narrow Gauge Sleeping Car

NXE Sleeping Car 25.3.1989,Pichi Richi Railway workshop sleeper NRCA47 3.3.1969,Alice Springs - Commonwealth Railways Breakdown Train Car NXE47


Composite sleeping car built at Port Augusta Workshops. Similar to "NRC36" but the entrances were closed.

NRCA 47 was originally numbered "NRCA 38", but due to duplicate numbers existing on the North Australia Railway and Central Australia Railway railways it appears to have been renumbered to "47" sometime between 1947 and 1951.

6.6.1942Entered service as "NRCA 38".
-Renumbered "NRCA 47".
21.2.1957End was fully enclosed to provide a shower compartment.
25.3.1958Auto couplers fitted.
14.10.1966Recoded "NEX" for use in breakdown consist.
2.1967Recoded "NXE".[blc]
-In Alice Springs breakdown train until 1978 as "NXE 47" then stored at Marree.
28.10.1980Written off and sold to Pichi Richi Railway.