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NRC Narrow Gauge Sleeping Car

NIA Officers Inspection Car


19.5.1986 Pichi Richi Railway NIA36 car NRC 36 second class compartment

narrow gauge composite sleeping car built at the Port Augusta workshops for the Ghan service. It originally had end platforms, 5x2 berth first class and 3x4 berth second class sleeping compartments, plus a conductors compartment.

28.8.1976 - Alice Springs -  NIA36 inspection car After conversion to "NIA" Officers inspection car, the first class berths were retained and the remainder of the car is disposed of as a kitchen and dining area.

20.7.1929Entered service as "NRC 36".
16.5.1958Auto couplers fitted.
2.6.1966Converted to an Officers inspection car. Recoded "NIA".[blc]
7.1976In use on the Central Australia Railway.
1979Made available to Pichi Richi Railway from AN on a permanent loan basis.
1996Sold to Pichi Richi Railway.