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NAR Narrow Gauge First Class Sleeping Car

NAR class car
8.10.1988,Quorn Pichi Richi Railway NAR73 sleeper 9.8.2002,Quorn - NAR73 sleeping car


Timber bodied 60 foot first class sleeping car built by the Commonwealth Railways at the Port Augusta workshops for the Ghan, with 18 sleeping berths, shower and conductors compartment.

The Commonwealth Railways report of 1947/48 describes the car as:

One new first-class sleeping car for the Central Australia Railway was completed during the year and placed in running. The construction of this car embraces an all-welded underframe and bogies and also the use of masonite for exterior sheathing. The interior of the car is finished in walnut plywood. The car body has been insulated and designed for air-conditioning at a later date. Sleeping compartments in the car are all all of the two berth type.

1.7.1948Entered service.
1.4.1958Auto couplers fitted.
Easter 1964Used on Australian Railway Historical Society special from Marree to Alberrie Creek.
25.7.1971Recoded as Breakdown consist sleeping car "NXEA 73" for use on the North Australia Railway.
1978Sold to Pichi Richi Railway.