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Western End (Kalgoorlie)

Eastern End (Port Augusta) Train General Information
Camp Hospital circa 1915 Camp Hospital beds, circa 1915

Hospital car

23.11.1914Entered service.
-Underframe transferred to "D 21".

Kitchen car

7.8.1914Entered service.
-Underframe transferred to "D 23".

Office car

7.8.1914Entered service.
20.6.1917Underframe transferred to "BRP 18".

Passenger car No.1

9.9.1914Entered service.
30.6.1917Underframe transferred to "BRP 19".

Passenger car No.2 -- Inspection car No.2

The history of this particular vehicle seems to get a little confused. The body was placed on underframe of "RA 634" but this does not seem to correspond with it being recoded to "TBP 41". Its "TBP" records suggest that it entered service with the new underframe on 10.9.1917, but it seem to have retained its classification as "Inspection No.2". This would make sense if all that was required was to released the original underframe for reuse under one of the new Trans-Australian passenger car bodies.

24.8.1914Entered service.
29.4.1916Converted to Inspection No.2[blc]
31.12.1917Transferred to Port Augusta[blc]

Sleeping car No.1

8.9.1914Entered service.
-Underframe transferred to "ARP 15".

Sleeping car No.2

9.9.1914Entered service.
-Underframe transferred to "D 22".

Stores car

8.9.1914Entered service.
30.6.1917Underframe transferred to "D 20".