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H Class Brakevan

R 337 -- V 337 -- TC 337 -- TD 337 -- H 61

Brake van converted from "V" class wooden goods van during World War II.

30.9.1914Entered service as "R 337", built by "Gray BrotherS", on the WA Division.
31.3.1922Converted to "V 337" covered wagon.
-Converted to then to a "TC 337" class tank wagon.
28.10.1929Converted to "TD 337" class tank wagon.
-Converted back to "V 337" wooden goods wagon.
22.8.1942Converted to brakevan and renumbered "H 61".
8.9.1945Converted back to "V 337".
2.4.1979Written off[blc]