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Narrow Gauge Carriage Details

Cars 5, 6, 154, 155, 159 and 160 were 36 feet 1 inch long with two compartments each 13 feet 5 inch between partitions with two lavatories in the centre of the car, each 3 feet 7 inch long divided by a longitudinal partition. The longitudinal seat on one side of the partition was shorter than the other to allow access to the lavatory. Capacity was 30 in first class, composite class was 15 in first and 17 in second and all second class cars seated 34.

Later all cars were altered to allow a 1 feet 10 inch wide connection walkway between the toilets linking each compartment. This altered capacity for first and second class cars to 26 passengers. They were also fitted with Westinghouse air brake and electric light about this time.