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South Australian Railways Vice Regal

The South Australian Railways has had a long series of carriage referred to as either State car No.1 or the Vice Regal car. Each time a new one was would become number 1 and the old car would be written off or renamed. I have refreed to them here as Vice Regal number in date of entry to service order.

No. 1
"Vice Regal" No.1 - (1860 to 1890) - Car "12"
No. 2
"Vice Regal" No.2 - (1892 to 1930) - "Broughton"
No. 3
"Vice Regal" No.3 - (1930 to 1940) - Mann Boudoir Sleeping Car V&SAR "O 4" - "Broughton"
No. 4
"Vice Regal" No.4 - (1940 onward)