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Commonwealth Railways Files - Central Office

Listed below are the title of the Commonwealth Railways Central Office files consulted to create this information.

These files are stored at Australian Archives Adealide Office - series B300.

Commonwealth Railways Files - Central Office
File NoFile Active DateFile Title
47pt1-51912-1926'Q' class locomotives.
101pt1-21911-28Diesel locomotives.
107Pt1-41912-15'G' class locomotives.
3071911-27Cranes general.
4861912-1920Shovel, 'Marion' steam, Port Augusta.
576Rollingstock - locomotives general
631pt1-21913-168 No. 'G' class locomotives - Bladwin Co.
1033pt1-21913-50Baldwin locomotives.
15131914-23Temporary passenger cars
17291916Rollingstock for through express (street railway carriages)
2248pt11914-29Particulars of rollingstock (general) TAR
24251923-82Vans - travelling stores - two for retail business
3581Design of proposed Express Passenger Engines.
4089pt21920-51Dining cars for through express
5373pt1-41918-62Special service car
5389pt1-21922-41Lounge cars TAR
5409Travelling Butchers vans - TAR
54721918-543 'YB' vans, brakevans
5500pt2-41917-54Dining car, sleeping car etc TAR Proposed with a view to improvement
5638Question of providing extra Dining car (can't find 17.1.89)
57401916-18History of B44 no N.G. N9.
59091919-42"HR" vans
6205pt11913-30Classification of rollingstock
6251/41935-36Theft of gold from train between Quorn and Alice Springs May 1935
6251/56.1935Attempted robbery of Mail TAR
6312pt101956-60Rollingstock for through express
6312pt21916-23Rollingstock for through express
6312pt31924-28Rollingstock for through express
6312pt41928-29Rollingstock for through express
6312pt81946-51Rollingstock for through express
6312pt91951-56Rollingstock for through express
6423pt11917-33Special car No.2
6423pt21941-65Special car No.2
6431pt11913-24Photographs of rollingstock
6431pt21927-65Photographs of rollingstock
6440pt11914-25Rollingstock capital value of stock, Pt Augusta-Oodnadatta railway
6440pt31960-67Rollingstock CAR
6447p1-61913-45NM class locomotives CAR.
64591923-44Passenger cars CAR
64621913-52Sleeping cars 3'6" gauge CAR
67171926-42Special car - CAR
6762Locos Oodnadatta - Alice Springs
68261926-28Three 2nd class 50ft passenger cars NBPA
6879Dining car
68801926-59Hospital car - CAR
6896pt2Particulars of rollingstock TAR
6897Rollingstock General - Northern Territory.
6897Rollingstock statements - NAR
6900/171920Inspections - Commissioners inspection of line & trial trip with special service car
6900/588.1929Commissioners visit of inspection CAR
6938pt21929-79Dining cars - CAR
76331932-59Air conditioning of carriages
7782p1-41934-New Psgr loco Pt (C class)
81911939-70Passenger cars NAR
8391Particular of present state of locos and rollingstock April 1943 for CLTB
84881944-61Historical Articles relative to Commonwealth Railways.
8713pt11946-57Locomotive experiments with Gas Turbine
8807pt111.1948Testimonals to Mr G.A.Gahan
89411949-65Pullman cars - TAR
9168pt1-21953Inaugral run of new train TAR